Tuesday, October 19, 2004

nobody can hurt you worse
than he who is inside your heart.

you've said it.
i was stubborn.

Posted at 03:17 am by vehandojo
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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

can you gallop?

tried once, when i was a kid. got panic. so afraid i was crying.

don't you think it's romantic?


just by yourself.

like lucky luke. the final frame.

     i'm a poor lonesome cowboy
     and a long long way from home

(sigh.) you saying that my kind of romance is a depressed one?

i guess so.


     (a glance to his eyes.)


i won't sing the tune. you're here.

     (held his hand.)

Posted at 11:05 am by vehandojo
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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

     every moment
     every second
     every walk
     every drive
     every "hallo"
     every "good night"

even every fight with you was perfect

Posted at 02:08 am by vehandojo
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Thursday, September 23, 2004
pretty honestly ...

i cannot stand looking at the sea for more than a minute without having my tears flowing

Posted at 02:24 am by vehandojo
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Monday, September 20, 2004
the wave

as it breezes
like the morning breathe
in my ears

as it sweeps
the way you run your fingers
smooth over me

as it pulls
me to the midst of
blue water, down to the deep
the way you left

in the dark and helpless

as it rolls
covering your screams

as it sets calm
you're gone

the memory afloats
it is of you
and the wave

Posted at 12:43 pm by vehandojo
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this blog is dedicated to maxmillian hartandi - our friend, our lover, our angel. his life was such a blessing that we intend to extend it here so that he still can reach more hearts. the stories about him are abundant. max is an endless love, and a timeless life.

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now and forever
by carole king

now and forever
you are a part of me
and the memory cuts like a knife

didn't we find the ecstasy
didn't we share the daylight
when you walked into my life

now and forever i'll remember
all the promises still unbroken
and think about all the words between us
that never needed to be spoken

we had a moment
just one moment
that will last beyond the dream
beyond the lifetime

we are the lucky ones
some people never get to do
all we got to do

now and forever
i will always think of you

didn't we come together
didn't we live together
didn't we cry together
didn't we play together
didn't we love together
and together we lit up the world

i miss the tears
i miss the laughters
i miss the day we met
and all that followed after

sometimes i wish
i could always be with you
the way we used to do

now and forever
i will always think of you

now and forever
i will always be with you